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Explore 30+ case studies, which showcase how I use my deep knowledge of UX, technology, and digital marketing to elevate businesses to the next level.


Leading Caterpillar's Multi-Million-Dollar Digital Transformation to Modernize​, Caterpillar's flagship website with over 1.2 million unique visitors monthly, needed a transformation to better serve multiple products, regions, and customer segments. I led a multi-year, multi-million-dollar program, and a robust cross-functional team to modernize the website design, enhance content, refactor the code, and implement new design and development processes.

The result: an improved website with increased visitor engagement, leads, and attributable sales. Additionally, the technology stack was upgraded, new digital capabilities were built, design-to-development velocity increased, and team collaboration improved.


Leading an Agency-Wide Digital Transformation at Simantel​

Clients' needs demanded that Simantel, an award-winning marketing agency with more than 100 employees, expand its capabilities to include digital marketing strategy and technology development. I led an agency-wide digital transformation, which involved redesigning workflows, creating a strategic framework and toolkit, and implementing a comprehensive change management plan. This effort streamlined processes, increased collaboration, improved communication, and ensured consistent strategic deliverables.

The result: enhanced project quality and efficiency, better internal communication, increased innovation, and a stronger competitive advantage, positioning Simantel for sustained growth and success.


Developing a Marketing Technology Platform for 160+ Websites​

Managing individual WordPress installations for each client was inefficient and hindered the company's ability to grow. By developing a scalable WordPress multi-site platform, I streamlined maintenance, sped up deployment, and supported over 160 feature-rich websites.

The Result: This transformation made operations smoother, cut costs, greatly improved the client experience, and, most importantly, allowed the company to take on new clients and expand service offerings.

Building Digital Experiences

With over 20 years as a UX & Technology leader, I specialize in leading large-scale digital transformations that create engaging and profitable digital products. My hands-on experience as a strategist, researcher, UX designer, UX strategist, analyst, and developer enables me to integrate marketing, design, data, and technology to build user-centric platforms. Having worked on and led projects across multiple disciplines and industries, I ensure that digital experiences are not only functional and efficient but also delightful and memorable for users.

Building the Experience Behind the Experience

Creating exceptional digital products goes beyond technology and design—it requires strong teams and robust organizational structures. My mission is to build the ‘experience behind the experience’ by developing well-organized teams with energized employees. Leveraging my expertise in organizational design and leadership, I establish resilient structures, high-performing teams, and efficient processes. This foundation empowers organizations to build, maintain, and optimize digital products at scale, ensuring their long-term viability and success. Let's connect and build extraordinary teams that deliver exceptional digital experiences!

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