Lead team to overhaul BCP’s Website for Retail Customers


BCP’s website faced several critical challenges that hindered its effectiveness and customer engagement. These included disconnected and outdated content, underperforming sections, inconsistent strategies across multiple regions, limited calls-to-action (CTAs), and numerous campaign pages lacking a cohesive content or website strategy.


As the team manager and project sponsor, I initiated and led a multi-year effort to address critical issues within our organization. My role involved articulating the problems, securing funding, and garnering support from leadership. Key actions included:

  • Establishment of a Decision-Making Committee: Formed a committee with regional representatives to define challenges, make decisions, and oversee change implementation. We also selected an agency capable of navigating complex website transformations.
  • Comprehensive Research: Conducted extensive stakeholder, audience, and website research to inform our strategy, bringing in top experts to ensure a data-driven approach.
  • Strategic Development: Developed a clear vision for the site that aligned with the broader corporate strategy, including a unified UX strategy, templates, and a content strategy that introduced personalization features tailored to different regions.
  • Template Creation: Built authoring templates that agency partners could easily replicate, ensuring consistency across regions while reducing costs.
  • Training and Best Practices: Developed comprehensive training materials and best practice guides, and was responsible for training regional marketing teams and agency partners.


The overhaul of BCP’s website led to significant improvements:

  • Content Optimization: Successfully removed over 1,000 pages of redundant content, streamlining the site’s structure.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Increased user engagement through strategically placed CTAs and more cohesive content.
  • Ongoing Content Development: Shifted focus towards continuously enriching content, prioritizing quality over design and infrastructure, which contributed to ongoing site enhancements.
  • Comprehensive Customer Journey Support: Developed content that supported all stages of the buying cycle, improving lead generation and overall content synergy across the platform.

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