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While building my digital marketing agency, I found that small business often did not understand the value of digital marketing and were still struggling to adopt modern marketing practices. Those that did understand the need to implement digital marketing strategies were not sure where to get started. In order to sell my services, I often had to educate them.  which is why the program was initially created.

Expanding my web design and digital marketing business proved challenging for many reasons, but one of them was client education.  At the time, many small businesses were not using the web effectively and were lucky to have a small, static website with traditional marketing driving to it. In order to sell my services, I had to first make them aware of the challenges they were faced with in digital marketing and position my company.

To address this challenge, I leveraged my teaching and training skills to teach the art and science of digital marketing. 


  • Develop a comprehensive training program which included a series of courses to walk marketers step-by-step through the process of building and implementing their plan (2010)
  • Publish Inbound Marketing in a Box, a 300-page guide to digital marketing (2012)
  • Deliver live workshops and online training to marketers to help them master the art and science of marketing- especially in a digital environment (2009 – 2015)
  • Create a blog called “Small Business, Big Voice” which tackled the marketing challenges that small businesses faced
  • Speak frequently about marketing and business-related topics at various business events


St. Louis Digital Symposium, Panelist    | Women in Leadership (Annual Conference), Breakout Presenter    | Peoria Ad Club | Dress for Success | Chamber of Commerce (Washington)   | Chamber of Commerce (Henry) | Bradley University | Midstate College |   Illinois Central College | Women in Leadership (Monthly Meeting)


Not only did these activities get me closer to my target audiences, helping gain knowledge about what they needed, they:

  • Boosted my credibility and raised my company’s profile
  • Armed clients and potential clients with the information they need to make informed decisions
  • Showcased the perceived value of my services, allowing me to increase my price point
  • Provided passive income, which helped strengthen my business position







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