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I am a lifetime learner who is always documenting the lessons I’ve learned. Now I’m excited to share them with you.

Mastering Cross-Cultural UX: Strategies for Building Global Experiences

GUIDE (57 Pages)

Mastering Cross-Cultural UX: Strategies for Building Global Experiences

GUIDE (57 Pages)

Mastering Cross-Cultural UX: Strategies for Building Global Experiences

GUIDE (57 Pages)

Establishing an Enterprise Web Accessibility Program

Unlock the potential of your digital spaces with our guide to creating an accessible web environment. Learn essential strategies to ensure everyone can navigate your content with ease.

PDF | 41 Pages

Creating Web Experiences for a Global, Multi-Cultural Audience

Embrace global diversity! Learn how to design web experiences that resonate across cultures to engage and delight users worldwide.

PDF | 20 Pages

Establishing a User Testing Practice within an Enterprise

Elevate your product with user insights. Our guide on establishing a user testing practice will help you gather and apply feedback effectively.

PDF | 24 Pages

A Comprehensive Guide to Building and Managing a UX Team

Build a powerhouse UX team with our comprehensive guide! Discover effective management practices and team-building insights to elevate your projects.

PDF | 54 Pages

Creating Design Systems & Wireframes

Streamline your design process with my guide to creating robust enterprise design systems. Boost efficiency and consistency across your projects.

PDF | 18 Pages

Crafting a Multi-Dimensional Brand

Craft a brand that stands out! Learn to develop and activate a branding strategy that captures your essence and speaks to your audience.

PDF | 20 Pages

Creating Strategy Artifacts

Master the art of strategy with my guide on creating effective strategy artifacts. Enhance decision-making, sell ideas, and drive business success.

PDF | 27 Pages

Ways to Learn UX Design for Absolute Beginners

If you are looking learn more about UX,  getting up to speed can be overwhelming. Dive into strategies that you can implement to become more knowledgable. 


Using Animations to Elevate Your Designs

Animations and motion can elevate designs, but when used incorrectly they have adverse effects. Explore best practices for using them within your web projects.


Page Strategy Checklist

No matter the topic, every webpage is an opportunity to attract, engage, and convert a lead. Here is a checklist of items to consider before launching the page.


Website Discovery Checklist

When starting a new website project, a discovery checklist will ensure that your project is is well-planned and well-executed. 


Conversations in Color: Breaking the Silence about Racism in the Workplace

Amid global protests following George Floyd’s tragic murder, corporations are confronting the issue of race in the workplace. Join this compelling LinkedIn video series as it guides corporate leaders in harnessing this pivotal moment to drive meaningful and lasting change, shaping an era of inclusivity and equality

Video Series



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