Driving Cat Mining’s Digital Transformation


Implementing modern marketing strategies can be intimidating, no matter how much dominance a company has in the marketplace. In 2015, Cat Mining’s marketing strategy needed to be refreshed. They also needed to undergo a digital transformation, rethinking their channel marketing strategy in the context of new technologies and customer behavior. With resource industries representing nearly $10B in revenue, this would be a high-priority, high-visibility effort. 


At the same time, the group needed to transform their marketing strategy, coordinate marketing managers and distributors, and build their website.
The group wanted to use new digital marketing tactics, but their mix was heavily traditional and relied primarily on sales collateral.
The group was not using data-driven techniques to target new customers and struggled to maximize the increasingly advanced purchasing journey of existing customers.
The marketing team was newly-restructured, siloed, and needed help finding their footing with digital marketing practices.
The extended network of distributers were willing to coordinate with the group, but needed direction and guidance.
website build
Existing web content was fragmented, non-strategic and redundant. Content needed to be migrated to a new platform.
Development of a digital strategy and website in preparation for the industries largest tradeshow also had to happen at the same time.


I worked as a lead strategist on this initiative. My team and I:


Worked with marketing leaders to clarify and/or define:

  • Business & marketing goals
  • Areas of strategic focus, priority sub-products and regions.
  • Priority customer segments


Conducted voice of customer and competitive research. Developed personas and journey maps to articulate insights and opportunities.


Built a comprehensive global marketing strategy with many interconnected strategic elements. Strategy focused on deeper digitization of marketing strategy, leveraging data to personalize digital experiences, and better align corporate and distributor activities.


Developed a new message and content focus for the group. This new focus  on technology-enabled solutions and integrated with the overall Caterpillar brand theme.


Rebuilt the groups core website, which included a robust solid thought leadership content strategy.


Built smaller digital marketing campaigns which put strategy into action. Some campaigns were focused on priority sub-products and regions, others centered on an upcoming tradeshow.


Built a detailed playbook and training for team members outlining new digital marketing strategy with best practices for continued digital success.


A well-thought out, well-executed marketing strategy which blends traditional and digital marketing tactics across multiple sub-groups.  The strategy is still in place today with the Cat Mining website taking centerstage.

A newly-energized and aligned workforce ready to take on a contemporary, interconnected global marketing strategy with an emphasized presence in the digital domain. Today, the team exhibits the capability and confidence necessary to propel their digital marketing efforts forward.

A new corporate brand theme, officially launched in 2013 and served as a unifying umbrella theme for all messaging. With this new messaging as the overarching theme, technology-enabled solutions was the focus of CONEXPO 2014 core customer messages.

To draw targets in, creative and messaging centered on a sweepstakes with one clear message: “We are giving away $100,000 to help you build your success with a combination of products, services, and technology.”  

To maximize the impact of this campaign, during this 3-month period, there was a coordinated effort between all business units to deliver one voice for the enterprise. During this timeframe, all business units endeavored to market under one message and one theme in all business-unit-related channels.

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