Supporting a New Product Launch For Cat Portable Generators


In 2016, Caterpillar’s newly created Home and Outdoor division launched a new portable generator product line and needed a strong web presence.

This launch would be unprecedented in a few ways:

  • Distribution strategy – This would be the first time that Cat would distribute products through big box retailers like Lowes, True Value, Ace, and Amazon.
  • Direct to customer – With a different distribution model comes a new way of marketing, supporting, and servicing customers.
  • Residential – Cat products are typically used in commercial applications. This one could be used in residential and was highly portable.


When I joined the Cat team, I inherited this project from my predecessor and was able to build on the great foundation that was already laid.

  • I worked with product teams to help refine the details of the marketing plan, which was divided into residential, commercial, and recreational.
  • I worked with technology teams to finalize new functionality and design, especially with the sizing tool and “where to buy” directory.
  • Post-launch, I worked with product teams to build product pages within big box retailer environments. That way, Cat products would be included on their websites.


The Portable Generator experience launched in 2016 across multiple Cat Dealers and retailers.

Live Site ->

Note: This was recorded in 2020. It includes some newer enhancements that were not a part of the original launch.




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