Co-Managing an $800M Budget at Aventine



Early in my career, I worked as an analyst at a company that completed an IPO and a few short years later entered into bankruptcy. They were particularly effected by marketplace dynamics given that both the product that they sold and the inputs used to create the product were dependent on sometimes volatile commodities prices. In this type of business environment, finance has a way of always taking a front seat and numbers drive decisions.  This excited me because I was able to flex some of the financial skills that I’d gained as a small business consultant and in my MBA program.


  • Conducted annual financial budgeting. I co-managed the budgeting process for a $800M annual budget.
  • Prepared operational forecasts and plans. I worked closely with executives across multiple departments to prepare operational forecasts and plans, owning forecasts for multiple teams including: Logistics & Development, Marketing, Plant Operations, Procurement, and Information Technology.
  • Developed balanced scorecards and dashboards that measured progress towards forecasted goals and identified issues so that managers could take action.
  • Created financial models and conduct analysis. I used business & financial models to simulate different business scenarios, growth strategies, and capital budgeting decisions. I often conducted NPV analysis. I built a linear operations model.
  • Prepared content for inclusion in annual financial reports. Prepared external financial reports for inclusion in quarterly and annual SEC filings.
  • Prepared Board of Directors presentations. Prepared quarterly Board of Directors presentations that summarized and simplified financial results.


I was grateful to get this type of experience so early in my career. My understanding of finance shapes what I do and how I make decisions. I am able to break down economics and see the moving financial parts. And I know how to find levers that make a company more profitable.

Specifically, a few areas where this has helped include:

  • Developing business cases
  • Conducting campaign optimizations
  • Managing a portfolio of project with varied ROIs
  • Teaching Managerial Finance courses







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