Led Team to Build Caterpillar BCP’s First Global CX Strategy Playbook


In a complex environment with multiple regions targeting the same customer base but developing disparate go-to-market (GTM) strategies, Caterpillar faced challenges with redundant work and inconsistent customer experiences. A need emerged for a unified global research foundation and strategic direction that could be adapted by regions to streamline efforts and enhance customer interactions.


As the sponsor of the project, I facilitated the creation of the division’s first comprehensive Global Customer Experience (CX) Strategy Playbook. My role involved providing support and strategic direction to the team, focusing on:

  • Global Research: Conducted extensive global research to gather insights into customer behaviors and preferences across all touchpoints, establishing a deep understanding of diverse market needs.
  • Team and Vendor Assembly: Led the identification and assembly of a skilled team, managing the selection of the right agency through a detailed RFP process to ensure strategic alignment with our vision.
  • Strategic Development: Collaborated with the team to develop key strategic tools within the playbook, such as audience segmentation strategies, customer journey maps, creative vision, messaging directions, channel usage, and content theme recommendations. These tools were designed to guide regional teams in crafting effective customer interactions.
  • Resource Integration and Support: Ensured the integration of the playbook and related resources into the company’s knowledge base, providing ongoing support and guidance to regional teams.


This strategic initiative was instrumental in standardizing CX approaches and aligning marketing efforts across global regions:

  • Strategic Efficiency: The playbook has streamlined the development of marketing strategies, enabling quicker and more effective strategy formulation.
  • Enhanced Alignment and Effectiveness: The CX Strategy Playbook has become a cornerstone document for Caterpillar BCP Marketing, significantly improving the alignment and effectiveness of regional marketing strategies.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction and Engagement: By standardizing approaches and enhancing strategy development, the playbook has led to increased customer satisfaction and engagement across all regions.




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