Cross-Cultural Design

Designing for global, multi-cultural audiences introduces complex challenges. This resource outlines lessons that I have learned while building cross-cultural experiences.

Web Accessibility

Web accessibility-related lawsuits are on the rise and most corporate websites are not compliant. This guide outlines what accessibility is and how to address it.

Leading UX Teams

I have assembled a a simple checklist of considerations for leading UX teams. I hope it is useful for anyone charged with building an in-house UX department. 

User Testing

Getting user feedback should be a standard part of your user experience practice. Here is an overview of the user testing process, along with answers to frequently asked questions.

Conversations in Color

In the wake of George Floyd’s murder and worldwide protesting, corporations are reevaluating race in the workplace. This LinkedIn video series is help corporate leaders turn this moment of truth into an era of change.

Customer Journey Maps

Journey maps are tools that help you visualize your research and reveal critical insights. Here, I layout a list of what to include in journey maps, provide links to examples, and share tips from my experiences building them.

Design Systems

Design systems — a library of reusable design elements — can help increase design speed, visual consistency, and development velocity. But what should they include? And how should you go about creating them?

A brand bible is a collection of artifacts that bring your brand stories to life. Without your artifacts, brand intent can be misinterpreted and misunderstood by both employees and customers.

Wireframes & Prototypes

Wireframes are storytelling devices that ensures your entire team hears (and sees) the same visual representation of your desired product. Here is a beginners guide to building wireframes and prototypes.

User Scenarios

Knowing what triggers customers to use your experience helps you own the interaction.  Scenarios define your user’s goals and expectations – that way you never disappoint.


Designing a website without a persona is a driving cross-country with no GPS. The importance of targeting a specific user — and knowing them better than you know your best friend– can’t be understated.

Goals Matrix

Use a Goals Matrix to provide all members of your team with clarity about what problem you are solving. In one place, articulate your user goals, business goals, and problem statement.

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