How to Develop an Enterprise Accessibility Program


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When you have multiple internal and external websites and applications within your organization, you need a formal program for ensuring accessibility compliance. The following actions will help you create – and maintain – a solid accessibility program.

Establish Governance for the Accessibility Program

Develop accessibility policy

Document that clearly states approach to accessibility.

Develop accessibility standards

Easy-to-understand guidelines based on WGAC standards.

Identify and prioritize platforms

Enterprise platforms, prioritized by criticality to end users and business

Educate the Enterprise about Accessibility

Outline change targets

People who promote, support, or implement accessibility standards.

Appoint an accessibility champion

Person who ensures compliance and educates teams.

Increase awareness and education

Scope: accessibility awareness, standards, common issues & fixes.

Correct (or Prevent) Accessibility Issues

Embed accessibility into processes

Add accessibility to standard design and development processes.

Conduct accessibility audits

Regularly review target platforms to identify issues & corrective actions.

Document accessibility actions

Maintain documentation about remediation decisions.

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