Tap into Low-Cost Research Sources

Conducting research can be expensive, but there are many low-cost research sources that can provide valuable insights into the target audience. These may include online surveys, social media monitoring, and web analytics. By tapping into these sources, designers can gather data and insights that inform their design decisions.

Direct observation is the quickest way to arm yourself with information about your target audience. But travel can be expensive, time-consuming, and impossible with COVID restrictions. Here are low cost tactics to get solid cultural insights:

  • Read literature and poetry from your target culture. Old and new.
  • Check local colleges for lectures, performances and events.
  • Consume media. Newspapers, radio stations, podcasts, movies, TV.
  • Visit cultural centers within your own city if available.
  • Visit ethnic neighborhoods where target culture lives.


See the full Cross-Cultural UX Design resource.

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