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Whether you are building digital products or building a team to support your digital products, here are tools & guidance to help.


Mastering Cross-Cultural UX: Strategies for Building Global Experiences

Uncover the secrets to building global, multi-cultural experiences. Gain invaluable insights for crafting inclusive user experiences that transcend borders and embrace cultural diversity.

Master the Art of Leading & Managing UX Teams

Explore a comprehensive checklist designed to empower leaders tasked with building in-house UX departments. Unlock the key considerations and strategies, ensuring optimal collaboration and outstanding user experiences.

Unlocking Digital Inclusivity: Strategies to Establishing a Web Accessibility Program

Discover the essential steps to establish a robust web accessibility program and mitigate the rising risk of accessibility-related lawsuits. This comprehensive guide demystifies accessibility principles and provides practical strategies for addressing accessibility gaps on corporate websites.

Conversations in Color: Breaking the Silence about Racism in the Workplace

Amid global protests following George Floyd’s tragic murder, corporations are confronting the issue of race in the workplace. Join this compelling LinkedIn video series as it guides corporate leaders in harnessing this pivotal moment to drive meaningful and lasting change, shaping an era of inclusivity and equality


A Guide to User Testing

Getting user feedback should be a standard part of your user experience practice. Here is an overview of the user testing process, along with answers to frequently asked questions.

Revitalize your brand, captivate customers, and empower your team with a branding and messaging framework and a Brand Bible which ensures consistent, impactful messaging.

Creating Customer Journey Maps

Journey maps are tools that help you visualize your research and reveal critical insights. Here, I layout a list of what to include in journey maps, provide links to examples, and share tips from my experiences building them.

Building and Managing Design Systems

Design systems — a library of reusable design elements — can help increase design speed, visual consistency, and development velocity. But what should they include? And how should you go about creating them?

Developing Wireframes & Prototypes

Wireframes are storytelling devices that ensures your entire team hears (and sees) the same visual representation of your desired product. Here is a beginners guide to building wireframes and prototypes.

Using Animations and Motion to Elevate Your Designs

In this resource we will explore when it is appropriate to use animations to elevate designs. We will do this by discussing ways that poor use of animation might adversely impact results, and exploring scenarios when it is beneficial to use animations.

Creating Personas & User Scenarios

Just as navigating a cross-country trip without GPS is risky, designing without personas and user scenarios tools is equally perilous. Learn how to create and leverage these tools to ensure successful digital experiences.

Ways to Learn UX Design

Whether you are a beginner looking to enter the field of user experience (UX), or a professional in an adjacent domain who wants to learn more about what UX is, getting up to speed can be overwhelming. In this resource, we will dive into each of these items so that you can become more knowledgeable about the field of UX.

Page Strategy Checklist

No matter the topic, every webpage is an opportunity to attract, engage, and convert a lead. Here is a checklist of items to consider before launching the page.

Website Discovery Questions

When starting a new website project, it’s important to take the time to consider all aspects of the project to ensure it is well-planned and well-executed. This checklist will cover key questions to ask yourself and your team to ensure that you’re on the right track.

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