Annual Marketing Masterclass

Each Fall, I teach a 16-week course which equips new and seasoned marketers with the 
knowledge they need to create successful marketing strategies and plans.

The Purpose

Digital, social, and mobile technologies have exploded. As a result, consumers have transformed how they live, work, shop, and buy. Despite the “writing on the wall”, marketers still struggle to adopt modern marketing practices and are not sure where to start with creating their marketing plans. I created this annual masterclass to help new and seasoned marketers master the art and science of marketing- especially in a digital environment. The plans that you create in this annual masterclass will help you generate more traffic, create more conversions, and produce better leads— with less time & money than you’d imagine.

The Framework

To organize the content within this masterclass, I use a strategic framework that I’ve developed called EPIC. No matter the business, scenario, environment, or context, EPIC has become my most used tool, helping me think through through complex marketing challenges and assemble the building blocks of a strategy. 

The Content

Each week,  I walk you step-by-step through the strategic marketing planning process, sharing useful concepts, examples, and actionable exercises. During the last week, we finalize the details of your strategy and package it up for prime time.


Evolve is about understanding how marketers (and their organizations) should evolve to stay relevant and meet the constantly changing needs of consumers.

Week 1: Modern Customers
In this course, we will explore how customers have evolved so that you understand how to adjust your marketing and organization.

Week 2: Modern Marketers
In this course, we will dive into new habits that marketers must adopt so that they can remain relevant to modern customers.

Week 3: Modern Organizations
In this course, we will analyze organizational changes that your company must make to support modern marketers.



Plan is about evaluating marketing and customer goals and architecting a plan of action that attracts, engages, converts, and delights. 

Week 4: Research & Analysis
In this course, we will explore techniques for gaining an understanding of your customers, competition, and marketing climate.
Week 5: Branding & Messaging
In this course, we will discuss techniques for defining your brand essence and connecting with customers.
Week 6: Strategy & Planning
In this course, we will investigate how to craft a marketing strategy that attracts, engages, converts, and delights your customers.
Week 7: Organizational Readiness
In this course, we will dig into required organizational changes and craft an action plan for implementing these changes. 


Implement is about executing your action plan: essentially, carrying out your marketing tactics in alignment with the overall strategy.

Week 8: Content Strategy
In this course, we will explore how to use content to engage and convert targets across ALL of your channels.
Week 9: Promotional Strategy
In this course, we will discuss promotional tactics and develop strategy for reaching a wider audience.
Week 10: Channel Strategy
In this course, we will explore methods for building and creating engagement on owned channels like websites, blogs, landing pages, and mobile apps.
Week 11: Conversion Strategy
 In this course, we will explore how to build a lead generation and nurture system that converts visitors into leads and sales. 


Cultivate is about analyzing what has and hasn’t worked in your marketing strategy, then optimizing it based on what you’ve learned.

Week 12: Optimization Strategy
In this course, we will detail how to create a measurement plan that identifies how your marketing strategy and each of its elements will be measured.
Week 13: Tracking & Measurement
In this course, we will explore how to implement tracking and measurement across your channels.
Week 14: Reporting & Analysis
In this course, we will discuss how to  interpret your data and develop insights and optimization recommendations
Week 15: Conversion Optimization
In this course, we will review methods for improving conversion rates on your website, content, and other marketing assets. 

A World Class Trainer.

Tiffany Britt, MBA is marketing and technology leader, author, and speaker who has worked with or worked for some of the world’s leading organizations.

The Features

This is not your traditional classroom experience. Nor is it your traditional online course experience. 

Short, bite-sized lessons for busy professionals.

Simple, easy-to-understand information for greater impact.

Hands-on, actionable exercises that build your strategy step-by-step.

Comprehensive library of lessons that keeps on growing.

Mix of learning formats to keep content engaging.

Candid Q&As each week to address burning questions.

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