Page Strategy Checklist

No matter the topic, every webpage is an opportunity to atttact, engage, and convert a lead. Here is a checklist of items to consider before launching the page.

  1. The persona and purpose of this page is clearly defined.

  2. The main/ introductory area of this page is engaging and invites users in.

  3. The content of the page includes scannable headlines which can be easily understood.

  4. Within 3-5 seconds, the user can find the main call-to-action.

  5. I have placed all critical information above the fold.

  6. The language and tone of my content is engaging and friendly.

  7. I am speaking more about customer pains and gains rather than my brand, product, or company.

  8. My copy is using the language of the customer, not my business or industry.

  9. I have included links to other relevant content to keep them engaged.

  10. I have identified other places throughout the website that should be linking to this page.

  11. I have create a thoughtful title and description.

  12. I selected focused keywords and key phrases and used them throughout the page.

  13. I have added categories, tags, and other metadata to this page.

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