Developing a New Content Strategy for’s Industry Section


Approximately 30% of pages are focused on the unique needs customers within specific industry groups. This evergreen content is intended to deliver thought leadership, case studies, and helpful information to customers that are in the early-to-middle stages of their journey. The ultimate goal of this content is to transition these users to product pages and/or dealers to take the next step.

Over time, industry groups have added content to this section, often with no standards and limited guidance on how to create cohesive sub-site experiences within This has created several challenges.

Key Challenges ->



I developed an industry solutions strategy that could be leveraged by all industry and product groups, customer segments, and regions. This included experience principles, sitemaps, and best practices.


I designed new page templates and components, which would support the new strategy. With these new elements, the goal was to create consistency across all industry experiences, while also making content creation easier.


I developed content strategy training to help marketers and content authors understand the new framework. With the new templates and components in place, content marketers could focus on developing a strong content strategy and rich content, while letting the technology manage the rest.


Before I left Caterpillar, I transitioned this project to strategy and development team members. Work to transform the Industry Solutions section of is still underway. 

Throughout the process, I also shared the approach with key business partners. They have incorporated much of the ideology into their current content marketing processes, in preparation for the completion of development work.




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