Let's build the 'experience behind the experience' together.

Many organizations aim for profitable digital products that users love but may overlook the crucial role of strong teams and organizational structures in achieving this goal. This is where I step in.

My mission is two-fold: to build the digital experience and to build the ‘experience behind the experience’—well-organized teams with energized employees.

With over 20 years as a UX & Technology leader, I specialize in leading large-scale, global digital transformations in complex, diverse environments. I’ve worked as both a leader and practitioner across multiple disciplines (marketing, design, data, and technology) and businesses of all sizes and industries.

I combine this expertise with my strong organizational design and leadership skills to build resilient organizational structures, high-performing teams, and efficient processes that empower organizations to build, maintain, and optimize digital products at scale, ensuring their long-term viability.

Let’s connect and build extraordinary teams that deliver exceptional digital experiences!

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