User Insights Artifacts Overview

User insight artifacts take the information gathered during the research stage and organizes it in a meaningful way, guiding your design and development efforts. Designing a digital product or website without utilizing user insight artifacts is akin to embarking on a cross-country journey without GPS.

The task of pinpointing a specific user is crucial—you must understand them as intimately as you would a close friend. In this resource, we’ll explore how to craft and apply these tools for successful digital experiences. Specifically, we’ll delve into personas, user scenarios, and journey maps, all of which collaboratively enhance your efforts.


In a nutshell, the basics of the persona resource will guide you in developing a persona—a critical model that humanizes the customers integral to your organization. You’ll discover how personas pinpoint WHO you are targeting, how scenarios elucidate WHY they may be engaging with digital experiences, and how personas bring your targets and customers vividly to life, delineating their functional and emotional needs.

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User Scenarios

This segment on user scenarios teaches you to create narratives that unravel the motives and methods of customers as they interact with your offerings. By understanding what triggers your customers and defining their goals and expectations through scenarios, you can craft more genuine customer journeys, aligning with their needs without falling short.

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Customer Journey Maps

Journey maps are invaluable instruments that visualize your research and uncover key insights. In this section, I present an outline of what to include in journey maps, offer links to examples, and impart wisdom from my own experiences in constructing them.

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