User Insights Artifacts FAQs

The User Insights FAQ page answers common questions about user insight practices and tools. It's a go-to resource for understanding and applying insights effectively in digital design.

How are user scenarios different from use cases?

User scenarios should not be confused with use cases. Both contain similar ideas but have different applications as well as different focal points. Use cases are commonly used by software developers, technology, and testing teams to ensure that a system supports key interactions with the users. The focus of a use case is on the technical systems, as opposed to the user himself.

How are user scenarios different from personas?

A distinction must be made between user scenarios and user personas. Personas present a broader picture with a great deal of detail on the identity of the user. They discuss what jobs need to be done or which problems need to be solved.

User scenarios, on the other hand, are more specific as to how the user thinks and acts; in other words, how the user goes about solving a problem or completing a job. It also highlights what a user expects as they go about completing their task.


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